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Question: “What is the most important quality to have in life?”
Maharishi: “Discrimination.”
Question: “Now, Maharishi, I cannot believe that. Wouldn’t you select compassion or non- attachment?”
…Without showing any surprise at the manner, the response was made, Maharishi said with assurance…
Maharishi: “When you learn discrimination, only then can you distinguish between what is important and what is not important. With this quality, you begin to understand the truth of life.” Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Commentary by The Bad Ass Yogi
Discrimination in this context is the distinction between important and not important. But important to whom? Important to the being, having the particular experience of discriminating. A baby is in the beginning phases of learning how to tell the differences that distinguish “events”, i.e., people, places and things – the circumstances of their reality. Therefore, State of Being is at stake here.

In little or no time at all, discriminating between circumstances begin to be the defining factors of, “who they are”. However, this State of Being is overshadowed by other people’s (their parent’s) ideas, opinions and beliefs. A vast collection of impressions begins to be the foundation upon which the child creates an identity. But who are they really? Consider the idea that they are stillness, pure awareness, free of the limitations of alphabet, words and definitions imposed on them, however well meaning, by others.

Others, who have undergone the same process of absorbing the ideas, opinions and beliefs of others. As Rumi said: “I am Stillness. The rest is a misunderstanding.”

Helping a child learn discernment is the challenge of parenthood, for they will be carrying all they learn in the first few years with them, all of their lives, in every relationship. They will be making choices about their very existence using this skill. For example, the important role of teaching discrimination to a toddler will create their ability to discern between right and wrong, good and bad, this discernment will govern all future choices of behavior.

To be Present in your Self and practicing your own discrimination/ discernment as to what YOU choose to say and do, as the role model is the parent’s own evolutionary path. In this scenario, the parents can constantly remind themselves that the child is the teacher and they are the student. The student of presence and innocence of a higher nature. A reminder of who YOU really are: Stillness.

Discrimination is a life long quality to culture. “With this Quality, you begin to understand the Truth of Life.”

Image Credit: Samantha Feyen

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