Mauimama front cover issue 11

The front cover painting blows me away, and has so many different meanings for me. It wasn’t until experiencing the true nature of childbirth that I fully realized the Goddess Power (Yes, I have been living in Haiku way too long) of the creator within. After giving birth something inside me changed. Besides being physically forced wide open, so that a melon sized head could pop out of me – it opened me up wide spiritually and emotionally too. The realization that I was a vessel for another life force, and their guiding light is immense. The realization that my own body is just a vessel to my own soul, gave me a complete sense of bodily freedom, as I let go of previous image paradigms. I was empowered!

My postnatal shell was foreign to me, but I had discovered my body is not my essence. I was empowered! If I can go through natural childbirth I can go through anything! I was empowered! My heart is filled up with the love I feel for my children, and the love that they pour back into me! I am emPOWERed!
That is why I love Christine Dehoff’s work – she embodies the goddess power that is within all of us (I’m sure she does male portraits too). She creates for you what you feel inside, your true essence. She confided that the model for the painting had given birth 6 months prior. She said that, “Just the photo shoot alone had made her feel good and beautiful again.” She must have peed her pants when she saw the painting!

Having young children demands so much on us, there is hardly a moment for our own thoughts sometimes, let alone anything else. This painting reminds me of my own empowerment, who I am, which can be lost some days in the-pulled back hair-role of motherhood. This is exactly the intention Christine Dehoff is trying to capture and enhance. She wrote to me in an email that, “Mommies are Goddesses in my paintings, a place to unleash their sensuality and creativity….Well I think so anyway: )”…Yes Christine, you certainly did that!

I grew up in a country with a female leader. The glass ceiling for women was shattered for me decades ago, I never thought, “because I am a woman I can’t.” Sometimes all it takes is a little empowerment to change your whole life’s direction, influence the way we raise the next generation, and change the world!

And sometimes all it takes is seeing a beautiful painting of an empowered woman, or reading their story, to remind us of our own Goddess within.

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