Mauimama front cover issue 35

The Mauimama issue 35 Editorial

I am honored to present to you The Dear Aunty Tina issue. Aunty Tina has contributed to this magazine from day one, volunteering her time, energy and knowledge for the benefit of her community and us mamas. If you are not aware Aunty Tina has been a pillar in the Maui birthing and mothering community for over thirty years. She is my midwife and she is an inspiration to those who know her and to those who have been blessed to have her guidance in their lives. I am very proud to dedicate this issue to her column and the wisdom and advice she has imparted while responding to questions from our Mauimama community.

Tina Garzero AKA Aunty Tina has been a Certified Practicing Midwife for over forty years. She is also the mother of nine children, as well as many she fostered along the way. Her spirit of service for our community has been “beyond”. From answering phone calls from new parents all hours of the night, to helping those appearing at her doorstep unannounced, as well as mothers in labor who are unable or unwilling to go to the hospital. She gives of herself, for example she has often taken what little she had, to give to new mothers with no money or food of their own.

The impact she has had on Maui ripples far and wide, from the mothers and fathers she helps to the nearly thousand Maui babies she has helped bring into the world. To quote her daughter Nara Boone, “She has been credited with reconnecting the Hawaiian people with their culture of Home Birth on the West side of the island, for giving the “Breath of Life” to many babies who needed it, and for giving dignity and respect to those who have chosen to take the right of home birth as their own, despite the views of some in society.”

She gives with an open heart. Not only within the pages of The Mauimama magazine but also teaching midwifery, parenting, couples non-violent communication and prenatal massage classes. We are so lucky that she lives here. Mothers have even flown to Maui from as far as Europe and Asia to have Aunty Tina help them birth their babies!

As well as the catalogue of Aunty Tina columns, this issue also includes important information about Preschool Open Doors (POD) on page 23. POD is a great program that helps fund preschool education for families earning below a certain income threshold. Applications must be submitted between March 1st and April 30th for the following school year and is a great opportunity not to be missed.

I hope you enjoy this 35th issue, and all the valuable Aunty Tina information compiled in one booklet. Thank you Tina, we love you!

(Please go to The Aunty Tina section on this website to read all her valuable information that she passed on by answering the Mauimama community questions.)


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