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Hey Mamas, what is one thing we all have in common (besides that we have littles)? We all spend hours carrying our children! Something so simple can really wreck havoc on our bodies if it is not done correctly.

As we become tired, we tend to move into an anterior pelvic tilt, shifting forward, creating a “pelvic shelf” for our little to sit upon. When we do this, we end up tucking our bottom under, clenching our glutes for support, and hinging at our backs. Not only is this terrible for our pelvic floor (especially if you are dealing with prolapse), but it is also going to create back pain. Shifting forward is placing unnecessary stress on our backs that will travel all the way up to our necks! 

Our bodies operate on a kinetic chain, and if one part of this “chain” isn’t functioning properly it will affect all others.  

As our littles grow we have a tendency to carry them on our hips. When we do this, we “hang out” in one hip. Not only does this create imbalances in our bodies, it is terrible for our pelvic floors and a healing diastasis recti. It is also going to eventually cause shoulder and neck pain. Remember that kinetic chain? There is a proper way to carry our children to protect our pelvic floor and prevent pain and injury.  

Before you lift your little inhale, and as you begin to lift them exhale audibly. This exhale is going to lift your pelvic floor and engage your core muscles, protecting your back. As you hold little in your arms, maintain a nice tall posture, think of stacking your rib cage over your pelvis, and avoid shifting forward and rounding the shoulders. Remember to use that core (to stabilize) as well as your arm muscles, and unclench those glutes! When you are carrying your little on your hip, remember not to “hang out” on that hip. Remain tall, and train yourself to switch sides constantly. By switching sides you will maintain balance between both sides of your body.

To sum it up, if we constantly hang on our joints and ligaments instead of engaging our muscles we will end up with 

Image Credit: Monica Mikolajczyk

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Monica Mikolajczyk is a Maui Mama and an NASM certified personal trainer. She specializes in pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise, helping women to regain proper function and strength in their core and pelvic floor. Instagram: @health_for_mamas Website: (photos courtesy of Monica)


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