Answer in HA serenity breath


Ha meaning breath of life or essence of life.

The Breath without which we would not exist.

To inhale and exhale.

To connect the breath with the body and breathe deep into our souls.

We have been given a gift at this time to EVOLVE, and with something so simple and easy – the BREATH! If we can’t move very well physically, can’t breathe very well physically then we can’t evolve. We can’t flow – let go. Something as simple as a breath can help us let go of all our baggage, the time is now, universally, and with a simple practice, using the breath and body we can transform. This simple and new technique that was recently introduced to me is called YogAlign. It was developed over the last 30 years on the Hawaiian island of Kauai by Michaelle Edwards E-RYT 500, LMT.

I have been a veteran yoga practitioner and teacher for 20 years but have never experienced anything like this in my life!

After two sessions of YogAlign my pain was less. A pain that had been building for over a year, even with a constant regimen of yoga, exercise and 75% raw food. But, what really got my attention was what I noticed happening on a much deeper level inside of me –and others in the class. I was witnessing the most simple practice known to man go deeper than a knife just by learning a specific breathing technique and spinal awareness, holding isolated muscles and joints a little differently, recalibrating normal muscle length and releasing tension almost immediately. The process is so simple. Squeezing a body part in a certain position while resistance breathing, and then letting go seems to let go of so much more. Emotional energy/tension that our bodies have been holding on to for years evaporates. We don’t even have to name it, just sense it, feel it and then let it go. It is SIMPLY PROFOUND.

A local brother in the class commented that it made him feel closer to his ancestry and was bringing him closer to who he really is. If we all can stand in our TRUE SELVES, the community around us would reap the benefits. The community will once again flow and breathe easy.

We are in a new paradigm. Our True Self needs to ‘come out’. We have been following in the footsteps of an unhealthy model of life, which is crumbling. The flow is changing, so must we, but HOW? We have patterns set up in the body that we ‘hold up’ each day. Each time we experience an emotion our bodies either absorbs it or lets it go. Over time these stored absorbed negative emotions create stress and tension in the body, adding up to creating a ‘crust’. With age we’re finding a lot of us now have a lot of, “issues in our tissues”. Barb Utech, the Yogalign teacher reminds us, “There is an old Chinese proverb that says whoever is the happiest is in the flow”, in other words, we have discovered a technique that helps us to physically LET GO of our past baggage, easily and non intrusively with the simplest of tools – the breath while using our knowledge of anatomy and physiological concepts to help re-align us.

When I witness elders releasing for the first time in decades, I stand up and pay attention, and want to share this phenomena with every human being. If we don’t let go we can easily miss what nature brings us in every moment to stay in the flow of grace. Imagine, laying on the floor comfortably with the fresh Maui breezes coming through the jungle trees while breathing deeper than you ever have and releasing the pain in your back and hips that has been stored there for years. Then when you have finished you go home and have a dream that inspires you while having the best sleep you’ve had in years. The next few days you smile more and are more giving to yourSELF, nurturing with better food, taking time out to smell the roses and along the way you find you are more at peace than you’ve been in years which allows you to notice the GIFT that is right in front of you. So much so that people start to ask, “What have you been up to lately? I want some!”

Image Credit: Gaia Photography

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