Preganancy poem

Oh sweet little one 

You feel as if you have been with me forever

Tucked under my heart

You and I sharing one form since the beginning of time

Has there ever been a time when you haven’t been with me?

A flicker of thought       

A knowing

Waiting until the moment came for our physical forms to merge 

For our bodies to grow each other

In heart       

In spirit       

In true form

The ebb and flow of bodies moving as one

My body becomes the tide of the ocean moving out and in

Surrounding you and dancing with you

This waltz of life shared

Becoming ever more sure footed

Our shorelines and fates twisted, spun, and intertwined

But this early morning

I can feel the starting of becoming two

No hurry     

No rush

Just the knowing that our dance

Our movement is going to create two

We will labor together

Partners in this life dance     

Moving together

I will miss you little one

I will miss your warmth in my womb

Your sure movements     

Your stretching and kicks

Your rhythmic hiccups

I will miss our heartbeats merging

Our blood pulsing together

I will miss the safety I can give you

The protection      

The surety you give me

And yet I long for the moment to meet you

To see your physical form     

To look within your eyes

To feel the grasp of your hand    

The latch of your mouth

To count your toes     

To hear your name

Whispered and confirmed by spirit

Oh little one we still have time together      

As one

Yet, our journey  

In thought       

In realization      

In knowing

Has begun

I’m ready to be your mama

To hold you in my arms.      

To forever be yours       

I love you

Image Credit: Mariah Strong

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