stretch marks solution

A Maui Mama’s Stretch Mark Solution

A local mother makes a balm to help prevent stretch marks with the aid from Calendula extract.
Maui Maternity Silhouette

Momma Love Baby Maternity Boutique

A local traveling boutique that can help you with maternity wear and cloth diapers.

C-Section Recovery and At Home After Care Tips

BellyLuv Bands and C Section Recovery Kit:Best Postpartum care tip! Move easily and compress tummy to feel great. Pregnancy and childbirth are a journey, sometimes the...
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Herbs to avoid while Pregnant & Breastfeeding

Dear Aunty Tina, I’ve seen a lot of holistic labels read, “Consult your doctor before use if pregnant or breastfeeding”. To stay on the...
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Sore & Cracked Nipples

Dear Aunty Tina, I have a 2 month old and breastfeed, but my nipples are getting so sore and cracked. What can I do...
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Alternatives to Formula

Dear Aunty Tina, I am unable to breastfeed, but my baby is reacting badly to the regular formula. Do you know any alternatives to formula? Yes,...
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Hard Time Latching On

Dear Aunty Tina, My baby is having a hard time latching on and breastfeeding. What can I do? Was your baby born a few weeks...
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Nipple Yeast Infection

Dear Aunty Tina, I am breastfeeding and have a yeast infection on my nipples. What can I do to get rid of it? A nipple...
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Dear Aunty Tina, My friend had really bad mastitis. I am having a baby in a few months and want to breastfeed. What should...
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