Tamara Paltin Maui Mayor

I am running for mayor of Maui County because I know we can do much better than the status quo. I will start by putting the right people in the right positions, hardworking qualified leaders who value stewardship over self interest and are committed to finding solutions. Listening to our entire community is the first step. Focusing on solutions with an equal interest in present and future is the next. I care about jobs and about the world our keiki will inherit. I understand the realities of today and dream of a better tomorrow. I will provide an administration that balances social, economic and environmental factors to facilitate the smart growth that our residents want to see.

Our current administration is very experienced and yet they are continually making bad decisions that do not benefit our county. The Mayor and his Executive staff have misused county funds in the demolition of the Old Wailuku Post Office, their lack of action has caused Maui County to violate the Federal Clean Water Act and we now face hundreds of millions of dollars in fines, their manipulation of the Launiupoko appraisal resulted in taxpayers paying nearly double the amount of the final appraisal, they lack transparency and have not been supportive of recycling.

This administration has shut down communication between the legislative and administrative branches of government and routed all information through either the Mayor or Managing Director; this is a very inefficient and disconnected way to manage our county.

Maui County is at a critical crossroads; we are transitioning into the 21st century. We now have the technology that makes mass collaboration possible, practical and pervasive. We live in a world where innovation is the biggest game changer and our current administration is not equipped to manage innovation. In this day and age no one person is smarter than all of us put together and so we need to open the lines of communication within our communities, with experts, our council and public servants from the front lines to the executive offices and aggregate and leverage our collective intelligence to solve these quality of life issues for the people of Maui County.

I would direct county government to invest in economic development that is community based, community driven and community inspired. We need to invest in local innovation that will help maintain Maui County’s cherished quality of life for generations to come by using local resources in a way that enhances economic opportunities while improving social conditions in a sustainable way.

What can you do to make this vision a reality? Ensure you, your friends and family register to vote by October 6, 2014 and then vote on or before November 4. If you sign up for the absentee ballot, you can get your ballot in the mail and vote from home or college. If you would like to learn more about my candidacy check out my website at Tamara4MauiNui.com or on facebook at Tamara Paltin for Mayor.

Tamara Paltin 2014

Image Credit: Tamara Paltin

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