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Edgar Cayce a very famous trance medium and healer used to give what he called life readings for children, telling the parents what to be aware of in their child and how to direct them in a beneficial way as they grew up. He could channel information regarding what the child’s strengths and weaknesses might be, which was very helpful to the parents that followed his advice.

I’m not at all Edgar Cayce, but I have discovered recently that I can tune in with babies before they are born. I have been a channel for about 10 years giving group channelings and individual readings from the Goddess of Compassion, Quan Yin, however, speaking to babies is something new. It is delightful to hear from these bright beings and pass on their messages to their anxious or excited parents.

What I have learned is that your child’s soul wants you to know that it is aware of everything you do and say and even picked you out to be their parent. They might even tell me why they picked you. They have concerns about what you will name them and they do have preferences about when they will be born. I had one little boy communicate that he wanted to come in two weeks early just to be born under a certain astrological sign and moon. I hear all kinds of things when I tune in; what they want to learn to do, who they used to be in a past life, what kind of food they like, etc… I have also predicted a few pregnancies before they happened. It is such an honor to convey these messages to parents. I truly enjoy it and love sharing this unique gift.

My hope is that by talking to your baby in the womb I can give parents some valuable information about their baby. I especially love hearing about how things turn out after they are born. If you would like a reading you can contact me at

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