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Mauimama front cover issue 34

The Mauimama – ALOHA 2015!

The Mauimama issue 24 - Editorial Aloha 2015! Happy New Year! 2014’s year of the horse raced by running full pelt with predicted uprisings and revolutions....
exercising with the stroller

Fuss & Butt Busters – Exercises for Moms

Time is precious moms. Lengthy workouts or getting to the gym aren’t always realistic. But, splitting up exercise into shorter intervals and including your...
understanding past relationships footprints in sand

Understanding Your Past Relationships

A New Year represents the beginning of a new chapter in each of our lives. For some of us, that may mean entering into...
Team Trucker Maui boy cancer

The Trucker Dukes Story: An interview with Shauna Dukes

Trucker Dukes, the youngest son of Maui fire fighter Joshua Dukes and Maui jewelry maker Shauna Dukes, was diagnosed with Stage IV neuroblastoma, a...
Perfection Bra fitting Maui maternity bra

A Good Fitting Bra Just Makes Life Better

If your boobs had a resume, it would indicate they have a hard time holding a job. Chances are, the breasts you’ve got today...
Maui dad parenting

The Maui Dad Blog: Celebrating Fatherhood on Maui

Welcome to another installment of the Maui Dad Blog, a FREE community resource for Maui’s dads and families. This blog features interviews with different...
mama time for yourself

Carving out some Mama Time

When I was pregnant, my mom told me that motherhood was like being in a three-ring circus. Fast-forward two years and here I am,...
Maui family finances home ownership

The First Step to Home Ownership

Purchasing a home for the first time is very exciting, but it can also be a little intimidating. However, the process is actually quite...
Aunty Tina Nara

“Yes, I AM Tina the Midwife’s daughter”

Aunty Tina was honored last month in Oahu by The Midwives Alliance of Hawaii, at their convention. This has been a long time coming...
breadfruit food nutrition Maui

The Very Versatile ‘Ulu (Recipe)

Breadfruit or ‘Ulu (in Hawaiian) has a long and storied history throughout Polynesia. Volumes could be written about its uses and cultural significance. Unfortunately,...
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