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5 Suggestions what to do with the Halloween Candy

1. The Switch WitchKind of like a tooth fairy. The children leave out their candy that they have collected for the Switch Witch and in the morning a book, toy or clothing item will be in its place.

2. Science and Art ProjectsYou can check out for some great suggestions and art projects. They can be as wild as your imagination, although it may get pretty sticky!

3. Freeze it – Ration out the portions to eat after dinners or save it to use throughout the rest of the holidays.

4. Bake it – Keep it for baking projects that may be coming up like ginger bread men or ginger bread houses.

5. Share it – Take it to work or drop it off at a place you know has bowls of candy at the counter. Or send it overseas. There is an organization that will send candy to the troops, children of the troops and to wounded soldiers in transition units. You can also check out

Image Credit: Kimberly DeCambra

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