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Benefits of surfing-

Surf is up on the south side! This season has already begun and will continue all summer long. Surfing is FUN. I love being in the water, I love sitting on my board looking back at the island. I love being completely present when I’m on a wave, and I love the fluid motion and connection I feel with the ocean while I am riding it. I love seeing the turtles while out at Ho’okipa, or jumping fish while out at Thousand Peaks. I love having fun with my friends, and can’t wait until my sons, Dylan and Eli, are old enough to join me out there, although Dylan at 5 is well on his way! I love how it gets my body in shape and heart pumping as I am constantly moving. I love that when I am sitting and balancing on my board, I am working my core muscles. I’m not even that good, but I enjoy it, and after just a few weeks my body bounces back. It helps shapes my arms and shoulders, and tightens up those good ol’ chicken wings (saggy skin under biceps). My stomach totally benefits (Good bye muffin top!) and in the past even a few abs have said ‘Aloha!” by the end of the season. It also does wonders for my legs and butt too, which surprised me at first, as it feels like it is all upper body, but your legs totally get stronger while riding the wave.

It is also a great stress reliever. The feeling of being in the ocean is instantly healing, and if you catch a fun wave, the sheer delight can last for days. When you are on the wave, you are completely in that moment – BE HERE NOW. It is also great to get pent up ‘Gnar’ out of my system. Some days I can get pounded by the ocean-and come back to shore totally wasted – but it feels great! I am empty; I left everything out there! It is also affordable – it’s FREE once you have a board (which you can score second-hand on Craigslist).

The past few summers, my friends and I would plan to go on the same days every week, taking turns looking after the little ones, who love having beach days with their friends. We’re planning to do this again this summer. Please feel free to use the Mauimama Facebook page to post when you are going surfing and invite others to join you. The female surfing community is growing here – The Butterfly Effect illuminated this on the north shore last month when two hundred women gathered and completed a downwinder from Baldwin to Kanaha, on stand up paddle boards (see photo). The Butterfly Effect was a weekend long event which raised money for the Surf Rider Foundation.

“The intention of The Butterfly Effect event is to create an environment where women come together to support each other, nurture the environment, have fun, release competition, and bond via a mutual love of the ocean and respect for nature. It also aims to build community support and awareness of the athletes who grace Maui’s shore daily” -Tatiana Howard founder of the Butterfly Effect.

Way to Go! See you out on the waves!

Image Credit: Jennifer Bogart

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