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I went to my first Stroller Strides class last week. I’m not sure what I expected except maybe walking around a circuit leisurely talking with a mama or two as I go. Oh No! These girls mean business and it was GREAT! I would describe it more as circuit training with a series of jogs, sprints and aerobic exercises. All with your baby participating in their stroller, totally amused as they witness a bunch of mamas doing strange movements in front of them. At times even singing songs that sound familiar, but to movements they have never quite seen before. I felt totally welcomed by the group of mamas who have been going regularly. Once you go, you could easily get hooked to the thrill of an easy, accessible, fun way to loose the baby fat. One of the mamas I met had gained 50 pounds throughout her pregnancy (like me). She has been going 3 times a week for 3 months and has lost over 20 pounds! After initially shedding 20 pounds after the birth she is well on her way to getting back to her pre-pregnancy weight and body.

Stroller Strides began ten years ago in a San Diego suburb and has been revolutionizing how mamas are meeting up and exercising ever since. Since franchising, it has supported and empowered thousands of mothers across the nation. Stroller Strides began when Lisa Druxman, a fitness instructor on maternity leave, gathered mamas in her neighborhood and instructed a circuit class that incorporated songs, stories and toys.

If you are just starting to get back into shape, you may be tired after the first few classes, but stick with it, take a power nap when your baby/toddler does, and after a week or two you will notice that the exercise is giving you a lot more energy to last the day. And who knows… you may even stay up late enough to spend some QT with your partner!?

Maui is the perfect place to get the real Stroller Strides experience, as the weather is great here. Classes are held outdoors, using walking paths, grass and the shade from palm trees. The coolest thing for me about Stroller Strides is that Eli was with me the whole time. I can’t afford baby sitters, especially for the luxury of me working out. Plus, I don’t want to leave him. Bringing your baby along not only provides them fresh air and a chance to see friends, but also sets a fabulous, healthy example. Another awesome thing (and one of the reasons I created The Mauimama), it is a great way to meet other mamas with stroller aged children. They seemed to have all bonded and were already meeting outside of Stroller Strides. I can’t stress enough how great it is to have a mama ohana, which offers friendship, support, information and shared stories.

Image Credit: Fit4mom Westside Stroller Strides

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