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Why aren’t you more tan? You must spend every day at the beach right?”

Um, “NO”. We have to work just like everyone else. Groceries need to be bought, there’s laundry to do, a yard to mow, kids and a dog to feed. Life gets busy. Just because we live in a highly sought after vacation destination doesn’t mean we’re living the vacation lifestyle.  Buuuut it does mean, that our Staycations in Maui are a whole heck of a lot cooler than anyone else’s!

The past five years our family has taken an annual staycation. They day it’s over we start to excitedly plan the next. Sometimes just knowing there is a set vacation in your future helps the day in and day out feel a little less overwhelming.

There are lots of great rates to be had if you can be flexible about when to staycation. We’ve gone with travel wholesalers who have deals with the hotels, and always be sure to ask about a Kama`aina rate- they are usually available during “off season” but can also be found if you shop enough in advance. Don’t be shy too, just ask when the cheapest days are, they’ll tell you.

For example, Hawaii Travel Wholesalers (1-808-538-1900) sometimes have the best Hyatt Ka’anapali deals if well enough in advance, otherwise Hyatt has Kama’aina direct, and a reeeeealllly fun kid’s pool. You’re looking anywhere from $175 – $250 a night… don’t forget resort fees that are extra… like $25 extra a night!!

Renting a condo or B&B can also create that vacation feeling- just be sure to go to the opposite end of the island than you usually go or live and don’t forget Hana as an option. No matter where you stay and what the total cost is, it’s easier to swallow when you remind yourself how much you just saved in airfare!

Don’t feel priced out or left out of a staycation if a hotel or condo isn’t for you. House swap with a friend, get friends together and camp. Pack a lunch and BBQ dinner so that you can spend an entire day at the beach you’ve never been to and leave after sunset with sleeping kids in the car. Cruise a beach close to a hotel and take a gander… and maybe a dip in a pool.;)

Even though we have world-class resorts in our backyard, what really makes or breaks a Staycation is the level you disconnect from your non vacation life. You gotta bypass the volume control on your phone and go right for the power button. It has to go completely OFF. I know, it’s kinda’ scary and for the first few hours it feels strange, but then it is the most amazing freeing feeling E V E R! And once you get to your staycation location, don’t leave. Nothing kills the mood like driving by “real life” like your workplace or house.

Order a drink with an umbrella, lean back, keep one eye on the kids and embrace the staycation.

Image Credit: Lauren Wilson

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Lauren Wilson is a mom of 3, two that run, one that soars, always on the lookout for her next quiet moment, cup of coffee and Mauimama Magazine and annual staycationer. :)