Terrible twos child development

What we perceive to be the terrible two’s may perhaps be quite easy to fix. Meaning we as parents need to mold, change and be flexible to their needs. I’m not saying to give them what they want, when they want it. And I’m not saying to reward them for naughty things like hitting, but understand that sometimes it’s not always bad behavior for no reason at all.

Yes, sometimes there may be a reason for the madness! What we see as acting out and bad behavior could be frustration on their end because of a break in communication (I believe we as parents will encounter this again at a few different stages in our child’s life~the teen years UGH!).
They are just starting to realize that they are separate from us and they are wanting to make their own choices. It seems like quite an ordeal for a little one to go through! Trying to get the words out correctly without getting frustrated, wondering if mommy and daddy will say no, hoping we will give them the independence they want and need. I wouldn’t want to have to go through that! So parents, sometimes you have to just step back and listen to your mini-me, they might have something important to say ^_^

Today my daughter had a moment. It was a very long moment of screaming and shouting and NO’s from Olinda to Kihei. With many stops on the side of the road, trying to calm her nerves, giving her all of her favorite things and telling her we were on our way to her most favorite place in the world did not work as it should’ve. What could be the problem? What was making her so upset? What did she want? The only thing she said besides “NO” was “MY daddy!” WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU CHILD?!

It took us a whole hour to realize that she NEEDED some daddy time without her pesky brother and without mommy butting in. So, finally, daddy sits beside her in the backseat and she starts to collect herself. The crying subsides; she slows her roll and sleeps to him caressing her hair. She wakes to beach time as we promised. Daddy takes her to look for shells then they splash in the water. They jump in the sand and laugh and smile. When she is ready, she spends a little time with mommy and shares snacks with brother. No ‘no’s’, no crying and screaming when it’s time to leave just a happy little girl. She spends the evening playing with her daddy, hugging him and curling up to him. When bedtime draws near, daddy tells her he is going to make her a drink and she says sweetly, “No thanks daddy. Goodnight daddy. No juice daddy. Goodnight daddy.” as she sleeps daddy kisses her face… she’s not so terrible after all ^_^

Image Credit: Malia Akinaka

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