Did you ever get to a point in your life where you really took a long, hard look at yourself and began to think that something needs to change? Have you ever realized your energy needs a shift, and as a Mom after years of taking care of others, know that it is time to start taking care of yourself again?

It’s not that I have ever been unhappy with my shape or size, but I certainly knew that I wanted to feel fit and strong again. Most of all I got to a point where I wanted to achieve a sense of overall well-being and autonomy. 

No matter where you fall in this spectrum, or you may not have even got to this point, finding a catalyst was key. It’s different for each individual. For some it may be going to the gym, gardening, swimming, yoga or meditation. For me it was SPIN!!!!

I had remembered a very good friend of mine saying to me years ago that when she attended spin class, she felt the following after each session: elation, healthy, fit, strong, mentally solid, in touch with her body and an overall sense of well-being. Knowing that I had to start doing isolated muscle strengthening exercises for my knee, which I had injured some years before, biking was not only an excellent way to achieve relief, but a great, fun way to get fit and healthy for my body.

So I began going to HIT (High Intensity Training) classes at Fuzion Fit last year. In my first class I seriously thought I was going to die. “Who would ever put themselves through this?” ran through my head constantly throughout each class. Every week I questioned my sanity, but the point was, somehow I was there. I was doing it and it was only me choosing to do so.

Now I know why! My life pretty much changed. My knee injury, that had been bothering me for years, calmed down as it became stronger. Spin became a sacred time for me to do something for myself, where I could completely switch off and focus on me. Everyone else around me is much happier too as I’m not the snappy Mom anymore. Not only is it a huge mood equalizer, but it is able to lift any PMS that tends to be lurking around. And an extra bonus is that my bum, hips, stomach and thighs all benefited from it… quickly too!

Now I am lucky enough to have an exercise bike at home. I continue to spin using my Peloton app to join various online workout classes, and if I want something more mellow I do my own routine. I push myself to where I need to go for a challenge, yet I also know when I need a more gentle ride. I have found a smooth balance with my spinning. I’m proud of myself for being enough, and having something in my life that gives me strength and an energy shift.

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Durani (Or Dee to her friends) Gotel is formerly from the UK. She trained in interior design and architecture achieving a diploma and BA Honors degree. She is now a proud mama of her two children Phoenix and Ettie and living on Maui. Durani emigrated from London over a decade ago and works full-time as a designer for ERGObaby.


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