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Do you remember your summers as a child? I remember hot days, lots of swimming, having fun with my best friends outside in our neighborhood, and not coming in until the street lights came on. Well as we all know – times have changed and these may not be the memories our children will have about their summer. The good thing -our children will have their own memories and as a parent we want to make those memories the best.

I asked my daughter what she liked about last summer. Some answers surprised me and some didn’t. Of course the first one was – no homework. No shock there. She said going to different camps each week and learning something new. (Hey parents – no homework but our kids are still learning, let’s keep that secret between us.) For example, she went to a Lego camp last year and loved building a specific object each day. She loved meeting new friends. As we all know this is a small island so the more people you become friends with will only make a better community. Last but not least she loved any activity that had to do with playing in water. Playing water tag, slip and slides, water balloons – you get the picture – having fun and cooling off on a hot summer day.

Montessori Hale O Keiki School (MHOK) in Kihei is having 5 weeks of summer explorer programs. Each week is a different theme such as The Great Outdoors where kids explore the wonders of nature and the joy of outdoor playtime, games, crafts, water play and gardening. Other weeks are Arts & Crafts, Cooking Fun, Green Science & Around the World in 5 Days. Lots of fun outside the classroom but our children are still learning fun new things and making lasting memories.

It’s a win win for both! For more information please call 874-7441 or
Camps run $200-$225 per week. (See keiki camp section for most recent information).

P.S. Every week at South Maui Summer Explorers will have water play!

Image Credit: MHOK

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