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Homeschooling Maui

Homeschooling is legal and thriving in all fifty states and the number of families choosing this option is growing each year.

In Hawaii, any parent can homeschool their child and no permission is needed from the Department of Education or otherwise. The parent is responsible for what to teach and how to measure progress. We need only notify our school principal of our intent to homeschool and send in a report at the end of the year of what we did.

How one homeschools depends upon one’s resources, philosophy, interests, and the learning style of the children involved. Some families buy a ready-made curriculum and school their children at home on a set schedule. Some use a curriculum, but are more flexible about following it and about the sit-down hours to accomplish the tasks. Some develop their own curriculum while others follow the unschooling philosophy allowing life and their child’s interests to provide the next learning experience.

One of the greatest appeals of homeschooling is you can do it in a way that suits your family and change as your family’s needs change. Some parents decide to do all the teaching, some use tutors, some organize small cohorts in which parents take turns and almost all homeschooling families participate in community activities: drama, art and music classes, sports, festivals, and such.

Some students really thrive in a family setting, with few students and few distractions. Here the children have time to do academia, art, music, outdoor activities, hobbies, pursue individual passions, relax and all the rest without rushing to bed at night or rushing to school in the morning. The family is able to work and live as a unit with studies uniformly demonstrating that homeschooled children can thrive both academically and socially. 

We homeschoolers find that the more we are with our children, the more we enjoy them. Just as we were thrilled to witness their first words and first steps, we now take joy in seeing them learning to read, accomplish the skills of home life, and growing in character traits. And we also enjoy the flexibility to take family trips whenever we want, without being constrained within a school’s calendar.

Every child is different. Sometimes school doesn’t provide your child with the education or influences you wish, or you just might want more family flexibility. On Maui know that there is a strong homeschooling community you can tap into. If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are all in this together.

Image Credit: Homeschooling Why and How

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