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It has always been said that necessity is the mother of invention. I have never considered myself an entrepreneur but when something is too good not to share, then its time to get it out to the masses!

SolKine was born out of a desire for something better, and as an avid tinkerer in all things food, beauty, and craft, it seemed like a normal undertaking to start making my own sunscreen. As momma bear to my three toe headed, fair skinned surf groms on Maui’s north shore, I was very glad to have something natural and effective in my arsenal of suncare products, not only for their skins but also for the reef.

Hailing from the high mountain towns of Colorado, I had high standards for my suncare product: at 9000 ft. elevation, the intense UV exposure combined with the desiccating high mineral content of the lakes and streams, our skin would take a beating. I needed something that would do double duty as a protector and a restorer. And from that perspective, SolKine came to be (although the name and brand would come a few years later). It went from a little jar that was shared with many on the beach, to believing that this product was simply too good not to take to market. 

SolKine got a boost as the team provided (and still provides) free suncare booths at events around Maui. We are now at every Hawaii Surf Association, surf contest and other regattas through Lahaina Yacht Club. SolKine is a reef safe product and we feel it’s important to educate people about the harsh chemicals in conventional suncare products. These chemicals are destroying our fragile eco-system and are very harmful to our largest organ, our skin!  With a full line up of organic butters, oils and a beeswax base, SolKine stays put and hydrates while you are having fun in the elements.

You can find SolKine at Hi-Tech Surf & Sport (all three locations), Sailboards Maui, Paia Pitstop and Mana.  Please visit to read more and order some for yourself.  And feel free to follow us on instagram @solkinemaui.

Image Credit: SolKine

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