Maui soccer league

For a lot of European and South /Central American transplants football (or soccer) is something that is as important as sleeping, eating and breathing. Entire cultures, or at least Saturday afternoons, are dominated by this sport. But on Maui there can also be found a deep soccer lineage.

Maui has a great AYSO soccer network for the children but it also has a great league for adults too. Some fondly coin it the, “Dirty Old Man’s League” although it includes woman too. There is a 7 a-side team, co-ed league with experienced players consisting of men aged 35 + and women aged 18 + which closed out last month and there is also the regular 11 a-side team league (same player requirements) starting next month which will run into February.

The teams meet up regularly on Saturday afternoon, Central Maui. For the upcoming season they will be playing at Keopuolani Park. First kick off will be at 3:30pm (when 2 games are played simultaneously), second 5:30pm and the third is at 7:30pm – 4 matches in total.

It is a great social event for the family. On any given team you can find brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, cousins…even parents and their grown kids playing on the same team! While transplants also get to soak up the familiar ‘football’ culture (chairs and shade umbrellas/tents are advised), support a friend or family member or reignite their passion for the game and get back into shape. Even though the competition can get intense on the field (which makes for a better match) there is a big bar-b-que afterwards where everyone gets to rest, eat, drink and enjoy each others company after a good afternoon of footie.

If you are interested in joining the league or would like to learn more information email Chesa at and she will get back to you.

For keiki leagues you can go to:

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