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I have always loved to be in a clean, organized home. I find that it is very peaceful, calming and allows for creativity. Many of my friends come over to my house and find themselves able to fully relax. I fully believe it has a lot to do with the tidy, simple atmosphere of my clean home. 

This is why I decided to share my gift of cleaning by starting my very own cleaning company. I didn’t know exactly when this would happen until I had a dream that I was cleaning side by side with my dear friend Liz. I mentioned it to her one day at a cleaning job we were doing together and a few months later we were brainstorming and creating Simply Clean Maui. 

One of the draw backs we found cleaning for a different company was how harsh the chemical cleaners were on our bodies. We experienced headaches and sometimes breathing the toxins in made us feel high (and not in a good way!). We both knew that the most important thing we wanted to offer besides our cleaning skills were products that were effective and natural. 

We absolutely love how vinegar became our main ingredient in most of our cleaners. It can cut through buildup and works on multiple surfaces like tile, glass and counter tops. We loved researching essential oils that we could incorporate as aromatherapy and are disinfectants as well. We use great kitchen and bathroom cleaners that have lemon essential oil added to them. Lemon is anti-fungal, an antiseptic, as well as energizing. For our bedroom dusting spray, we added lavender oil, which not only leaves the space free of germs, it also reduces anxiety and depression. Liz and I are very thoughtful in how we approach cleaning a home. It is more that just a quick vacuum and a wipe down of the counters. We see our mission is to come in to energetically enhance your home and really create a space you want to be in. 

So, next time you are putting off a beach day with the kids, a night out with the girls or a date with your spouse because you feel like you need to clean, call us instead! We all know our time is valuable these days and sometimes you need to spoil yourself and your home with helping hands. Plus when you have someone who really enjoys what they do the result is always a lot better.

Check out our website for pricing at or email us directly at You will be so happy you did. 

Desiree Maher is a mom of 2 kids and has been on Maui for 15 years. She co-owns this cleaning business as well as a photography business. When she has a day off, you can find her caretaking her 3 acres in Kula.

Liz Zock is a mom of 2 kids and is the only KonMari Consultant in Hawaii. KonMari is a way of organizing that is completely life changing. Email her for more info at as KonMari can be an add on to our cleaning services.

Image Credit: Simply Clean Maui

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