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As moms we all know that we need to take care of ourselves. “Yeah, yeah, I know,” we all say. Right?!! But our days and nights are filled with tasks and caring for our families.

That was basically my story too. I could be the “rock” and charge through anything that needed tending to. That was the case until I hit the hormonal shift of menopause. It basically crashed my “can do it all” system. Every kind of food made me feel sick; I not only gained weight, my whole body was bloated; my immune system was down, which invited my body to host a lot of unpleasant things (physically and spiritually). And yes, I tried food elimination, nutritional diets, acupuncture, osteopathy, and spiritual healing. I did yoga and walked every morning, had a grateful, optimistic outlook. I began surfing to bring more joy and to get more vitamin D and exercise. I loved my life, yet I was struggling to enjoy it.

Then the defining moment happened. When I was surfing, I slipped off my board, it flew back at me and split my forehead skin open down to the bone. At the ER, they gave me a DTap shot for tetanus and that caused an autoimmune response to bring about the crippling disease of rheumatoid arthritis! How could this happen to me, someone who focuses on living healthfully, super flexible and follows her bliss!

Well, after a few months of my healing journey, I know the reasons why. And it is exactly what I needed to make the changes in my life to really take care of myself. It forced me to look deeply. In research, I found that old emotional wounding can come out as disease later in life. For many people with RA, emotional trauma happened around 4 or 5 years old. In taking stock, I realized that as a single independent woman and as a mom, I endured a lot of things. The stress hormone cortisol was at constant high levels in my life, and I became accustomed to charging through. I didn’t realize the old emotional trauma added to my body’s inability to repair itself. My sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) was raging high, which lowered my parasympathetic nervous system’s (rest and digest system) ability to restore and nourish my body. And research shows old emotional wounding actually blocks the parasympathetic nervous system from working properly. Bottom line: we can only keep charging full force for so long before it takes a major toll on our health.

In discovering a new way of approaching life (not charging forward, instead energetically sitting within to allow my inner wisdom to guide me) I discovered a way to heal myself and other women who need to clear emotional debris. It all happened by accident. I asked my yoga instructor if she knew of any women’s-only ecstatic type dance classes. She said, “No, but you’re going to do it.” And she told me how I would go about doing it. So now I am guiding women through what I call Self Care for the Soul Dance. It’s using music as medicine. The lower vibrational energy of disease resonates with the low vibrational energy of painful emotions. We can access that old emotion through the vibration of beautiful, deeply felt music to let it go. This type of dance is not for everyone, but it is just right for mature women who know that they need to clear out old emotional trauma or current emotional debris. And when women gather and hold a sacred safe space for each other to emote and witness the reflection that we see in each other, it is deeply healing.

Come join me at Self Care for the Soul Dance/Movement
The 1st Sunday of each month
4pm-6pm (1&1/2 hours dance, 1/2 hour women’s circle)
Wisdom Flow Yoga Studio
95 Makawao Ave, Pukalani, Maui, HI
Cost: $20
For more info:

Image Credit: Angeline Chew Longshore

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