Hawaii car seat Laws

Children under the age of four are required to ride in a child safety seat.

Children age four through seven are required to ride in a child safety seat or a booster seat.

Children age eight through twelve should remain in a booster seat in the back seat of the vehicle until they safely fit into a seat belt. This means the seat belt should fit across the upper thighs snug. In addition the shoulder belt should fit snug across the chest and shoulder and not across the face or neck.

Exemptions to the Hawaii Car Seat Law:
• Children that are taller than four-feet, nine-inches (4’ 9”).
• Children that weigh more than eighty pounds.
• The vehicle has lap-only belts in the back seat of the vehicle. *NOTE: Never use a booster seat with a lap-only seat belt.

The driver will be held responsible for compliance with the law. Violators of the law are required to attend a 4-hour class and may be assessed a fine of $100-$500 depending upon the number of offenses.
*A Hawaii State tax credit of $25 per year applies to the purchase of a booster or child safety seat.*

Image Credit: mauimama

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