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Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m a little shocked it is spring already! Before we know it we will be halfway through summer! I hope the worst is behind us and we rise from last year stronger and more resilient than ever. As women, we have carried the largest burden through this pandemic juggling jobs and homeschooling, with many of us dropping out of the workforce to support our families through shelter-at-home orders.

This issue’s theme is about resilience and being in a moment of authenticity from parenting (see pages 4, 5, and 21), to healing stress (see page 8), to overcoming addiction (see page 18), to changing affordable housing policies that no longer work… Although, it is questionable that they ever really did! 

Through adversity we see change. Changes for a local school (see page 23), changes in careers that spur creativity (see page 26), and changes to beloved events (see page 30). But, through it all, we persevere and move forward. We stand up for what we believe in and protect what is sacred. Birth is one of the most sacred acts I know. I hope the state legislature recognizes and respects our traditional practitioners who give our community so much (see page 27). I miss Aunty Tina (see page 20). I love that Nara, her daughter, submitted her birthing story for this issue (see page 19). 

As the Tao poem, I chose to publish on page 2 states: There is no natural pouring-forth that lasts forever. Our actions, in silence, speak louder and will be heard. There are so many parents, people, and organizations doing good, many impacted by the pandemic but still surging on. The Maui Food Bank (see page 11) is one of them and needs our help and support.

We can learn a lot from Queen Liliʻuokalani (see page 7) and how she lived her life. She was dedicated to supporting her community, especially the most vulnerable. Speaking of which, April is Prevent Child Abuse Month. We need to protect our youngest and reach out for help if we find ourselves at our wit’s end, as it is our children who suffer. There should never be any shame associated with asking for assistance. We are all doing the best we can and with a little support we can do even better. May is National Foster Care Month. These children also need our support. If you have room in your home and heart this is a beautiful way to help.

I hope you enjoy this issue, please take care. I see all the great work you are doing and The Mauimama is here to support you.

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