If the time of COVID has taught us anything, it’s that relationships are key to ensuring long-term success for any business owner.

There’s a lot that goes into making our businesses succeed at our desired level. We invest time and money into marketing, goods and services, staff, training, and education but without proper relationships in place what good is any of it?

Hawaii’s lockdown started March 26th. As a result, many owners find themselves in an unprecedented situation. As the founder of RUSHwahine, a member-based company that offers both in-person and virtual business support, training and workshops, as well as networking events for female entrepreneurs in Hawaii, I witnessed first-hand as my members journeyed into unchartered waters.

What first looked like an overwhelming set of circumstances, quickly transformed into a plethora of creative ideas and unseen opportunities. There was time to pause and refocus on what truly matters at the end of the day-and that is our health and the health of our neighbors and loved ones.

Through our relationships with each other, my dedicated team and hardworking members found themselves sitting in quarantine and lockdown with a new sense of confidence and understanding that no matter what happens, we always have each other to lean on for support. You can’t put a price tag on and why relationships are key right now, and moving forward.

Hawaii’s economy is hard to assess, but there are plenty of opportunities to strengthen our relationships with our customers online. Hawaii is still high in demand. The virtual sphere of ecommerce and digital communication is opening up channels for us to sell our goods and services to continue to generate an income. The possibilities are endless. Below are a few tips on how you can strengthen your relationships and capitalize off the digital space right now.

1. Build your online partnerships: Now is the time to network, reach out to potential partnerships and collaborators. Brainstorm ideas on ways you can work together and cross-promote each other.

2. Strengthen Your Team: During this time of stay-at- home, use it to catch up with your team members and staff. Give them the one-on-one attention that is often lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of our workflow.

3. Communicate Your Changes to Your Buyers and/or Clients: Now is not the time to go silent. Give your buyers/clients up-to-date information about what they can expect moving forward and how they can come along with you for the ride.

Like many businesses pivoting in response to COVID-19, RUSHwahine has paused all in person events and increased our online engagements to remain of service to our members, while we work from home. Become a member today to access online mastermind accountability groups, mentorship, workshops and more.

Image Credit: RUSHwahine

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