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I became attuned to the Reiki energy a year before the birth of my first son. I discovered pregnancy is a beautiful time to receive Reiki. This is a special time to connect with the spirit of your unborn baby and soul. I spent many peaceful moments running the energy into my womb and feeling the enhanced divine connection and love. With each of my next babies I helped soothe their teething and gas pain, and general fussiness by the power of love through my hands. I spent many nights nursing them to sleep and giving them Reiki.

Years ago my two year-old son Jonah had just fallen and split the skin above his eye open after attempting an acrobatic feat trying to keep up with his playful older brothers. We rushed him into the bathroom blood spraying everywhere! My husband wanted to take him to the hospital to have it stitched, but I suggested that I try giving him some Reiki first. After running the Reiki energy for a minute or so over his wound the blood flow stopped! At this point we were able to assess the cut and decide that with Reiki and arnica he would be just fine.

What exactly is Reiki, and why is it great for moms, dads, children and even pets? Reiki is a simple system of healing that runs a divine and powerful energy by the laying on of hands. Reiki is a wonderful healing energy anybody can learn to do and receive. This energy (also known as Ki, Light, Prana or Ch’i) has many benefits that include but are not limited to: easing pain, helping to stop blood flow and bringing a sense of relaxation and inner peace to one’s whole being. This intelligent energy heals the body on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. Reiki is perfect for busy moms. It helps soothe and heal minor injuries and issues quickly and easily. In my experience as a Reiki practitioner, a few of the more powerful results of Reiki include: relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, sports injuries, bug bites, emotional distress, early childhood trauma, past life issues, and much more. There are no guarantees but there are many miraculous Reiki stories. They can become your stories as well!

When one becomes attuned to the Reiki energy it is a gift – the body’s channels are opened and cleared. I began to notice many positive shifts in my life as a result. When my son Elijah was born I was thrilled to realize I could run the energy on him not just on clients. As a mother I felt empowered that I could help him on so many levels and literally take healing into my own hands! The benefits are limitless and amazing. I first made the connection when at 6 months he developed a large fluid filled bump behind his ear. The pediatrician was stumped. My dear friend reminded me to use Reiki and in a few days it disappeared! The doctor was speechless. At this moment I became aware that I could effectively incorporate Reiki into my new role as a mother. I do and will always have it at my disposal as one of my parenting tools. Something I believe all parents need to have.

Through these amazing years of birthing and raising four children I am grateful for Reiki everyday both personally and professionally. As the kids grew I also attuned them to channel the energy and use it for themselves and others. Now they have the option for self healing and working with others.

To learn and receive Reiki all you need is positive intention and a willingness to be open to the gifts and joy of the universe!

Image Credit: Kira Enge

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Kira Enge is a mother of 4 children ages 6-14. She is a Reiki Master and Dance/movement therapist and trained Motional Processor. She has been training clients for over 10 years and been in the healing profession for 20+ years. Kira currently runs a weekly Reiki healing and creative/arts class, as well as monthly workshops teaching Reiki to both adults and children. For more info on her upcoming Reiki classes contact her at Kiraenge@gmail.com or 808-264-6793