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Whales are amazing! We are so lucky that they come to our waters every winter to give birth to their young. Not only are they cool, but their majestic power touches anyone who comes in close contact with them, especially underwater.

In shamanism they are a symbol of wisdom, the record keepers for all eternity beholding the power of song and inner depth. 
Whale songs are believed to help teach us to hear our inner voices, our personal truths, thus giving us the gift to know the wisdom of the universe. Both the females and males sing but it is the males who produce the long complex songs who some say are songs of love, the sound track to their mating ritual. All North Pacific whales sing the same song as do all North Atlantic whales all sing a different same song. The song slowly changes over a period of years and is reported to never repeat itself. Now whether they are just copying the song of the whale that got the luckiest with the ladies – who knows – but they are the only animal known to have such an evolving song, that is complex, heart felt and rhythmic.

The Kohola (whale) really are remarkable and even if you don’t get a chance to see them up close they are fun to spot along the coast, sitting at the beach or may even be that annual excuse to get out on a boat! This February marks the 32nd anniversary of Maui’s largest and longest running celebration of the Humpback whales and Whale Day, on the 18th, is the signature event of the Maui Whale Festival. It is a lot of fun, but hold on to your kids; as they can get lost easily among the huge crowds that this event attracts, believe me I know.

Another part of the festival is ‘The Great Whale Count’ on February the 25th. So if you have no plans that day, you can help do your part and count the humpback whales that can be seen from our shores. Not sure if this is manageable with little ones, but Pacific Whale foundation Research teams provide training and materials. So plug to PWF if you want to volunteer, call Pacific Whale Foundation at (808) 249-8811 ext. 1.

Lastly this is also the month of love for us humans and having children opens up your heart like nothing else. They also have great loving hearts that can open you up even more. I tell my boys that love is the most important thing in the world and connects all of us. I remind them that they are love and to never forget the power of love through kindness and patience.

A wise mother knows the One Consciousness works through her (Toa of Motherhood) – a wise mother knows this is love.

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