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There are so many symptoms of imbalance in our weather, environment and in the overall health of humankind. Thankfully, I believe we are all now realizing the importance of preserving our oceans and taking care of our planet. As custodians, we MUST make more eco-conscious choices to care for ourselves, nature, and to ensure that our future generations have a healthy world to live and thrive in.

Microplastic in the oceans is a HUGE problem. If you Google it you will see what I mean. Microplastic isn’t just little pieces of once larger plastic. It’s not just from facial cleansers and polyester clothing fibers. It’s important that people everywhere learn that almost ALL conventional glitter is microplastic and very harmful to the environment. What is a loved and fun craft is actually doing harm to our environment, but all is not lost.

A new, natural, sustainable, biodegradable solution is already available on Maui, called Bio-glitter ™

As a professional face and body artist of over 20 years I feel it is my duty to help raise awareness and be part of the solution to this big, sparkly issue! So I created Mermaid Magic Eco-friendly Glitter products. It is 100% Bio-glitter™, which is created responsibly from renewable resources, primarily eucalyptus cellulose. It meets FDA and EU cosmetic AND biodegradable standards. You can learn more about it on my website FAQ at

It’s EASY to stop using the glitter you have been using or asking your preschool or day care to go green. It’s a choice and an important one, like the choice to use reef safe sunscreen or to recycle. You want to use glitter that is truly biodegradable so it doesn’t end up in our oceans or ground water. Glitter is fun! You can use it to make crafts with the keiki or wear it as part of your make-up during a fun night out. Just make sure it is marine and wastewater biodegradable. It is why I created Mermaid Magic Glitter Ocean Safe Cosmetic Glitter, so we can keep using glitter and not contribute to our microplastic crisis. 

You may think one person’s actions don’t make a difference. I used to think that too. But, I’m one person hopefully affecting thousands with this article. Together we can make the world a better place, one little shiny hexagon at a time. Please join me and #maketheswitch!

Image Credit: Mermaid Magic Glitter

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Serena Garretts is a true Lover of Life! A passionate advocate for Lifestyle Wellness and Young Living Essential Oils, entertainer and multi- disciplinary Artist. She is the creative force behind the eco-friendly glitter business, Mermaid Magic Glitter. To learn more you can go to


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