Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a great way for expecting mothers to stay active and energized. Mothers who practice regularly bond with their growing babies and the other mothers in the class. The benefits include boosting circulation, digestion, stamina, and the immune system. Prenatal Yoga builds strength, stability, balance, and flexibility, and can help ease the challenges of pregnancy and labor. Classes offer variations for different trimester to meet each woman’s needs. Beginners are encouraged and welcome. Prenatal Yoga classes give mothers the opportunity to nurture themselves.

Embrace your Inner Warrior Mama Goddess in Warrior II. Also called Virabhadrasana II. Directions are as followed:

– Breathe

– Breathe again, feel the diaphragm descend downwards, relieving tension in the chest, neck, and shoulders

– Inhale through the nose, exhale through the nose, called ujjayi breath, which translates as victorious, allowing yourself time to breathe is a victory in itself

– Begin facing sideways on your mat with your feet wide apart (about your arm’s length). Open the front hip, bending the knee to align over the ankle, the shin perpendicular to the floor, the foot follows facing the toes forward

– Protect the knee by pointing it towards your 2nd or 3rd front toe

– Lengthen the back leg out the other direction, towards the back of the mat, spread the toes apart and root firmly through the heal

– Keep the back leg foot angling outwards to a degree that feels safe to your ankle, knee, and hip

– Still breathing

– Shoulders stay over the hips, arms lifting and reaching out in opposite directions, one towards the front and one towards the back of your mat

– Expand the chest, turning the head and neck to look past the front hand, or you can always practice your eyes-on-the-back-of-your-head-mom-vision and take the gaze over your front shoulder nearly behind you

– Decrease the intensity by placing a chair or fitball under your hips for support, or increase the intensity by stretching the front thigh deeper and more parallel to the floor

– As baby grows; notice I didn’t say mom grows:), the pelvis may begin to tip forward creating some lower back tension. Firm the thighs and bottom of the buttocks and soften the knees to ease lower back over extension

– Be careful not to overstretch, during pregnancy your body releases the hormone relaxin to your joints and connective tissue and make sure to get approval from your doctor before beginning any exercise routine during pregnancy

– Empower confidence in your stance, appreciate the strength of your legs, observe your ability to stay grounded and protect your boundaries

– Breathe, believe, and repeat on the other side…

Image Credit: Lychee Therapeutics

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