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The new year is upon us. It is a powerful time. People are waking up. Change is afoot. Anytime there is change it is also a great opportunity. Opportunity for healing, growth and expansion into more of who we truly are, for our world, our own personal lives as well as our relationships. This is a time we can deepen our wisdom of who we are on the inside and have it reflect into healthy relationships on the outside. A time to fully flourish, become empowered and more knowledgeable about our own life force energy.

Both men and women embody female and male energy, or YIN/YANG as well as QI. In Chinese philosophy, yin/yang are not just words, but symbols that represent how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are actually interconnected and complementary to one another. Qi, loosely explained is life force energy. Feminine energy is ever-changing, erratic and sometimes chaotic like the weather. Masculine energy is focused, provides a container, a framework and is steady and stable, like the sun that is always out and penetrating, even when weather patterns roll through.

As women, we hold the power of the contents and the substance of our intimate relationships. In order for this to be accessed, we must first become informed and empowered with the internal landscape of our own unique YIN nature. We are the embodiment of the divine feminine, the cosmic yin energy, SHAKTI, which is the creative, female principal of the universe. We are the water bearers, the ones who grow babies, give birth, and who bleed. Our bodies hold deep wisdom and abilities of this energy such as receiving a seed and growing and birthing a child.

Female sexuality, which is the ultimate YIN / RECEPTIVE power, has the capability of creating great healing for us individually and as a collective. Sexual energy is pure life force energy that if we harness as women, our lives can become filled with an abundant vitality. Our body temples have the capability of expanding our pleasure into pathways that can clear old trauma, expand consciousness and create transformation. It is important that we learn to navigate and channel our sexual energy so that it is utilized as the sacred healing energy that it is.

The blood we shed each month and in childbirth is part of our essence, that we release and give back to the earth and the world. This essence also contains our Qi, which if we do not replenish, we can become blood deficient and depleted which can lead to a variety of complaints. Learning how to replenish our QI and BLOOD after we bleed or give birth is one very important piece in self-care, as women, we must master in order to live to our full potential.

How else can we keep our QI balanced within our energy bodies, organs/ meridians and ultimately, our lives as a whole? Knowing ourselves and practicing self-care holds the key. Ask yourself these inquiries: What are my needs in the areas of: physical exercise, nutrition, rest and activity, relationships, right livelihood, sexual expression, spirituality and emotional health? Are they being fulfilled? Do I have habits and practices incorporated into my life that bring me harmony in these areas? If not, what needs to change and in what areas? What guides or teachers do I need to call upon to support me in these changes? What habits or old ways need to be dropped so I can move forward to the fullest expression of my Qi/SHAKTI as a woman in this world? Activating the energy of these areas in our lives is to access our SHAKTI, which will empower us as women, in our relationships and as a collective.

Woman, you hold the power. Now is the time!

Image Credit: Kylie Cole

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Kylie Cole is a practitioner of AMMA Therapy, a specialized form of Acupressure that is based on Chinese Medicine. She is also a long time Doula, Yoga teacher and lover of Ayurvedic medicine. She incorporates Sacred Sexual Education in her offerings. Her specialty is working with women in their transformation process and couples in the childbearing years. She can be reached at kaishaktiyoga@gmail.com.


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