pospartum sitz bath

After pushing out a human being your under carriage and yoni can be severely bruised, swollen, grazed, lacerated and even torn after giving birth. On top of this your chocolate starfish may also have turned inside out and may never quite feel the same again. Long lengths of pushing time, larger babies and babies deciding to come into the world with limbs protruding can all lead to severe discomfort after birth. I remember being more scared of taking my first bowel movement after having my first son (8 lbs 8oz ) than I was giving birth to him!

Luckily my midwife had prepared me with the right equipment for a sitz bath to help sooth my entire perineum area. A sitz bath derived from the German Sitzdad, means a bath (bad) in which you sit (sitzen). It can be a hip-bath (water is filled up to the hips) or a small plastic basin that fits specifically in your toilet bowl. You prepare the little bath by filling it with warm water that has previously been boiled and stewed with the perfect herbs to create a medicinal brew that will quicken healing and reduce swelling. Then you gently ease you bottom…aaahhhh…into it and sit there for 5-10 minutes (or longer) each day until the soreness and swelling has subsided. This should hopefully take no longer than a week, although perineal tearing and episiotomies may take longer to heal.

You can buy a sitz bath kit which includes a plastic bowl and herbal mixture from Mana Foods for @ $15. You can also take advantage of living on the same island as Cheshire who is an amazing herbalist and find her amazing blend.

Cheshire’s Herbals Postpartum Sitz Bath Blend
Certified Organic Herbs and Flowers:
Calendula Petals, Rose Petals, Red Raspberry Leaf, Shepherd’s Purse and Lavender.

This blend was used traditionally for preventing and stopping hemorrhage bleeding after childbirth but this astringent sitz bath blend also acts as a great disinfectant and an anti-inflammatory.

Directions for bathtub: Pour 32oz. of boiling water to 1oz. of Sitz Bath herbs, cover and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain sitz herbs. Fill bathtub with warm water 6 inches deep, so it is only filled to the hips. Pour strained sitz bath tea into bath. Sit in the bath as long as desire. 1-2 Sitz baths per day should help quicken recovery of childbirth and tearing.

Cheshire’s Herbals, established in 1999, is owned and operated by herbalist Maui mama, Lunara “Cheshire”. Cheshire’s Herbals offers quality herbal tea blends, healing salves, pure essential oil blends and more. Find them at The Dragon’s Den Herb Shop, Mana Foods, Hanzawas & The Rodeo General ~ (808) 214-0866 www.cheshiresherbals.etsy.com ~ www.facebook.com/cheshiresherbals

Image Credit: Cheshire's herbals

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