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The new nonprofit Postpartum Care Foundation is changing the culture of motherhood in the United States Founder/Executive Director, Zoe Weston says, “After the birth of my son I was in a lot of pain and completely alone. My husband had to go back to work a few days after the delivery, my closest family lived 3,000 miles away and because I was in a new community I did not have well-established connections to feel comfortable asking for help. The birth of my son was very challenging and it took me nearly three years to fully recover.” Zoe realized she was not alone after conversations with other mothers and was motivated to get certified in postpartum care. She quickly realized that most women couldn’t afford it, which led her to create the Postpartum Care Foundation so that this important and impactful service is accessible to all.

Crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive undertaking, that not only needs to be recognized and ceremoniously honored but deeply necessitates a healing touch. Sacred postpartum caregivers are charged with holding space for women after birth, they feel blessed to be a witness as each mother starts feeding her baby milk, heals her body, and begins to seal the rawness of her birth experience. Postpartum caregivers are there to wrap new mothers in a blanket of loving care, tend to her, warm her insides with nourishing foods, massage her sore muscles, create herbal tinctures, and help her heal and be strong for herself and her baby. They support the recovery and journey into motherhood through gentle loving care.

Why is postpartum care so important? Immediately after birth, a woman’s body is nutritionally depleted and often vulnerable from the stresses of birth. It is important to take the time needed to recover and properly heal.

What is specialty postpartum care? This is an at-home service which includes – delivery of nutritious meals, smoothies and teas, warming treatments, belly binding, emotional support, and baby bonding techniques. This healing program helps to balance hormones, induce lactation, uplift spirits and heal the body quickly. It can also greatly reduce the onset of postpartum depression. 

Is this a new kind of healing treatment? No, this kind of care has always existed in most countries around the world. However, the United States is one of the only countries in the world that does not offer postpartum care in its medical model or culture. The Postpartum Care Foundation aims to change this and honor women and heal mothers by providing financial assistance to receive at-home postpartum care. 

Postpartum Care Foundation has created four programs. The first is offering financial assistance, the second is an online training program to become a postpartum caregiver/doula (this program has been made affordable so that women with few resources can start a rewarding new career and become financially stable), the third program is public awareness, also called the Ambassador Program, and the fourth program is scientific research (collecting data from assistance recipients and their caregivers and working with mental health professionals to publish the findings on the efficacy of this kind of care in relation to postpartum depression).

The Postpartum Care Foundation business model has been set up as a social and economic stimulus loop. Outside of donations and sponsorships, the two forms of income are from online training tuition and an annual practitioner listing. This income goes to help offer financial assistance to new mothers – but it doesn’t go to the mother, it goes to the practitioner, who in turn supports mothers. Many new mothers do not have a support system in place and feel uncomfortable asking for help from friends and family. Even when women do have an emotional support system, they often do not have a trained healer who can offer holistic postpartum support to help them truly heal after their birth.

Executive Director, Zoe Weston is available to offer a fifteen minute postpartum care zoom presentation. You can contact her for more details at

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Zoe Weston is the founder of the Postpartum Care Foundation, Healthy Living Consultant/Anthropologist/Writer/Visionary and Peace Advocate helping families create the healthiest foundations in life from pregnancy to home sanctuaries.


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