Pine pollen benefits

I discovered pine pollen quite by accident. A friend, who I had been helping for a few months in Kula, was making the move back to San Francisco. Before she left, we cleared out her pantry, and I took home what was left and not thrown out. In that bundle included such products as Mesquite powder, Chlorella powder, fermented cod liver oil, all of which I have used before and then this Pine Pollen.

On the bottle in big caps it read, “Transformational Foods – PINE POLLEN – and underneath, Longevity & Aphrodisia.” While on the back it read, “Pine Pollen is reputed to be a potent aphrodisiac – it enters all 5 meridians and offers dual-directional hormone support. Regular consumption may support healthy metabolism, immune response & enhance whole-body function.” (Sun Potion).

I was intrigued and when I arrived home I started to research. I learned that Pine Pollen is a Super Food, a powerhouse of nutrition; vitamins, minerals, amino acids, a complete protein and much more. It has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as a “natural fountain of youth” and for its amazing ability to enter all 5 major meridians.

It is best known for its androgenic properties, which gives it the ability to help raise testosterone levels. However this does not mean that only men should take it. It is prized for helping women during menopause, balancing hormones and increasing energy and vitality. It also reportedly contains L-dopa, which is known to help treat women unable to orgasm and contains arginine, which is known to help improve fertility.

Pine Pollen is adaptogenic, meaning it will cater to what your body needs and help those areas in your body that are experiencing distress. It is known to help reduce inflammation and pain, lower cholesterol, stimulate liver detoxification and restoration, optimize breast health and even help reduce enlarged prostates… who knew? It is also considered a tonic medicine, meaning that you can take it for long lengths of time without any toxic residue.

Nearly all of the Pine Pollen consumed is wild harvested from the mountain regions of China, and it is produced by the male catkins, which release the golden powder every spring.

After three days of taking the recommended half a tea spoon in a glass of water, I realized I had a spring in my step. I felt good. Better then normal, which to be honest has been a bit slugish of late. I think Pine Pollen is my best discovery of 2016 so far, and promptly encouraged my partner to take it to.

A wise healer friend of mine smiled when I told him of my new discovery and pulled a small bottle blend containing pine oil from his pocket, that he regularly carries around and uses. He nodded, and said something along the lines of, “Yes, now is the time for the healing power of trees.”

Well, mark me down as a believer! Thank you pine. Thank you for sharing your pollen, and its amazing healing qualities with us humans who so often find ourselves out of balance.

Note* People allergic to pine would most likely be allergic to pine pollen. It is also not recommended for children and should be avoided by adolescent men, who already have naturally high levels of testosterone.

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