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When mama is craving pickles, her body is craving sour foods which in traditional diets were obtained from fermented foods. These are full of beneficial microflora. Microfloras are essential for a healthy digestive system and your body’s immunity, especially in early child development. It’s your babies’ way of telling you what she needs to grow a healthy and strong digestive system using Intestinal Flora.

But why do I want something sweet along with the sour?
Eating the right amount of sweets provides just a little bit of sugar necessary for a microflora to colonize, grow and flourish. Yogurts are fermented and one natural way to get microfloras. However, not all yogurts are the same. The yogurt must be labeled with, “active cultures” as some companies pasteurize the product which kills off the remaining beneficial bacteria. Look for products made with L.Acidophilis bacteria cultures as these have the greatest benefits. However, a lot of yogurts are loaded with sugar and made with dairy, which may not be the best thing for your body to digest. Living here on Maui we are blessed to have so many fresh coconuts, and although many of you may not have heard of it, Coconut Kefir & “Yogurt” is a great alternative. It is fermented and contains all the sugar necessary, naturally already existing, to create a wonderful environment for healthy microflora to colonize. It gives you all the superfood elements of coconuts, minus the sugar and replaces it with quality amounts of Live Probiotics. It also provides your baby with some good fat; that is obtained from the fresh coconut meat. So instead of pickles (not fermented) and ice cream (sugar and dairy), realize that what your body may be craving is fermented foods. *Fermented foods and drinks should become a staple of* prenatal and postnatal nutrition! “Donna Gates”- Body Ecology. There are so many benefits to fermented foods and the following are just a few examples.

• Creates A Healthy Inner Ecosystem: They lay down a foundation for a healthy inner ecosystem in a pregnant mother, which is essential for inoculating her baby with a healthy microflora at birth. This translates to a strong hardy immune system.

• Provide More Nutrients: The nutrient content of food increases hundreds of times when fermented, and the abundant microflora in them act like enzymes to properly digest food, and utilize all the nutrients.

• Reduce Damage From Sugar: Microflora in fermented foods enjoy sugars in foods and reduce the damage to you or your fetus. They are excellent for controlling cravings. The sour foods suppress desire for too many sweets. Your baby will not crave them after he is born either.

• Help Your Body Detoxify: A growing fetus is especially vulnerable to toxins in the mother’s body. The fermented foods are wonderful detoxifiers but they cleanse in a gentle, consistent way. When fermented foods are in your diet and especially when they are eaten in the same meal, the microflora remove harmful chemical, heavy metals and toxins before they can be absorbed. They are then eliminated in your stool.

• Protect You and Your Baby From Pathogens. Microflora in fermented foods will attack toxins, parasites, and pathogens that are on the foods you eat.

I have been a chef for 15 years now. A little over 3 years ago I started studying nutrition, blood type diets, the American association of nutritional consulting degree recommendations, Ayurveda disciplines, super-foods and body ecology. I discovered the removal of excess sugar and the addition of live coconut kefir Probiotics was the REAL whammy in rebuilding, revitalizing and sustaining a healthy digestive system. With this knowledge I created Maui Coconut Kefir & “Yogurt” which is made from 100% young Maui organic coconut meat and pure coconut water. It is Live, Raw and Organic and is sold at the Farmers Markets here on Maui.

Image Credit: Emma Whitney Photography

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Elijah Manahan is the owner of Maui Coconut Kefir. Please feel free to stop by a farmers market on Maui and look for Maui Coconut Kefir for a sample and to talk story with Chef Elijah and to find out more about the benifits of LIVE POBIOTICS. You can also find Chef Elijah at or call at (808) 757-1501.


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