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Would you be a happier and less stressed parent if you had an expert coach or someone cheering you on as you navigate parenthood? Most of us would, because parenting for many is a learned skill and a challenging job. 

Although parents often work alone, parenting can be a team sport – with coaches, teammates, cheerleaders, and the right equipment to succeed. Therefore, parent participation in parenting classes and support groups should be as common as children playing on sports teams. 

Moms and dads who connect with other parents and learn about child and adolescent development often build resilience and social connections, which help them cope with life’s ups and downs. Resilient parents raise resilient children, who are healthier, happier, and more likely to make smart choices as they grow. Moreover, children thrive in communities where parents are encouraged to ask for help and have the resources they need, like transportation, clothing, housing, physical and mental health care, and food.

Maui is a supportive community for families, so no parent should feel like they must go it alone. But sometimes it can be hard to find what you need. Maybe you heard about a free home visiting program, a group for fathers, or a Hawaiian values-based parenting group, but you don’t know the details. Or maybe someone in your house is having a crisis—perhaps struggling with depression or substance use. Or maybe you can’t afford quality childcare, or you just got an eviction notice. 

Islands of Hope-Maui (IOH) in partnership with QKC Cares want all parents to have the support they need. The IOH resource center kiosk at Queen Ka‘ahumanu Center, located near the keiki play area, is a one-stop shop for information for families. If a Maui nonprofit or government agency provides a service that helps families, you can learn about it at the kiosk. If you don’t know what you need or can’t find what you’re looking for you can also call or text 808-419-0781. A resource navigator will be on the other end to help you access what you need.

In addition to programs and services, the kiosk provides parenting information, from pregnancy through adulthood, including:

• Positive parenting tips

• Creating a safe sleep environment for infants 

• Knowing whether your young child’s development is on track 

• Childcare and preschool subsidies

• Supporting LGBTQ youth 

• Understanding health risks teens face. 

All parents deserve support and guidance. All children deserve to thrive. If you are in the Kahului area stop by the IOH kiosk. They’re on your team and want you to succeed! 

Islands of Hope – Maui (IOH) is a collaborative effort of Maui Child Welfare Services, Casey Family Programs, and Ho’oikaika Partnership to prevent child abuse and respond to the needs of Maui children and families., 808-419-0781.

Image Credit: Island of Hope Maui

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