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It’s no secret: parent involvement equals student achievement. Effectively engaged parents can be transformational in the life of a school and in their child’s life. There are simple ways you can interact with your child to help their life in school. Below are some easy ways that you can support your children and their teachers:

1. Create a smooth takeoff each day. Give your child a hug before she ventures out the door. Look her in the eye, and tell her how proud you are of her. Your child’s self-confidence and security will help her do well both in school and in life.

2. Prepare for a happy landing at the end of the day. Create a predictable ritual such as 10–20 minutes listening to your child talk about his day. That way you are fully present to listen, and your child has a touchstone he can count on between school and home.

3. Fill your child’s lunchbox with healthy lunches. Have dinner at a reasonable hour and a healthy breakfast. A well-balanced diet maximizes your child’s learning potential.

4. Include calm, peaceful times in your children’s afternoons and evenings. Maintain a schedule that allows them to go to school rested, and if they are sick to stay home.

5. Fill your child’s life with a love for learning by showing him your own curiosity, respecting his questions, and encouraging his efforts.

6. Fill your home with books to read, books simply to look at, and books that provide answers to life’s many questions.

7. Be a partner with your child’s teacher. When you need to speak to him or her in reference to a specific issue with your child, do it privately, not in front of your child. Make a point never to criticize your child’s teacher in front of your child.

8. Tuck a “love note” in your child’s lunch bag to let her know how special she is. Knowing they are loved makes it easier for children to be kind to others.

9. Communicate with your child’s teacher allows the teacher to do the best job possible. A great teacher is not just one who knows his/her subject matter. A great teacher is also one who guides children by example to become good, happy, and productive citizens. Great teachers nourish a child’s spirit, personality, and character as they teach them subject matter. Parents and teachers working together insure the best experience possible for their children.

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