Pumpkin Pie Mousse

Gone are the days where eating nutrient-devoid sweets made any sense. With the holidays why not have your cake, and eat it too? Healthy can and should be delicious so there is no need to compartmentalize your healthy foods and “cheat foods”, or limit your imagination to green smoothies for healthy + sweet satisfaction.

This Paleo Pumpkin Pie Mousse rocks my world, and is guaranteed to make your mouth and tummy happy. Here’s why:

1. It provides a healthy (and quick) fix for that pumpkin spice craving / an easy alternative to pumpkin pie
2. It has ample amounts of healthy fats and is still low-carb
3. It has gelatin aka collagen (Which we know supports healthy nails, hair, and skin improving cellulite and tightening the “I just grew a baby in here” kind of skin, but recent studies also reveal the magnificent effect collagen/gelatin has on restoring your gut lining, normalizing gut hormones, managing inflammation, and benefiting bone and joint health.)

So, let’s talk fat. Fat has been making a serious comeback, and thank goodness! For one, we know that breastmilk is 50% fat and the non-water makeup of the brain is more than 60% fat. Fat is also a key nutrient for growing babies helping their brains develop to their fullest potential. What’s more, eating healthy sources of fat is a cure for mama-brain and key in regulating hormones (ie. what controls weight loss). Here’s the deal, healthy fat does not make you fat.

Paleo Pumpkin Pie Mousse


• 1/2 cup full fat coconut milk in a BPA-free can ( I love Natural Value bc it has no guar gum/additives)

• 2 tsp grass-fed gelatin (I like Great Lakes and Vital Proteins for quality and price)

• 2.5 Tbsp organic maple syrup (for sugar-free use or 3-5 drops of stevia depending on taste)

• 1 tsp vanilla extract (I used Simply Organic’s alcohol-free vanilla)

• 1/2 cup cooked pumpkin (make in your crockpot or buy BPA free can)

• 1/2-3/4 fresh avocado (best to use a Haas or Sharwell One with creamy thick texture and mild to no flavor) *You will need to vary amount of avocado based on how thick or watery yours is

1/2 tsp cinnamon  1 tsp pumpkin pie spice  1/4 tsp salt


• In a small saucepan, heat coconut milk on low and add gelatin, stirring until dissolved

• Add maple syrup and vanilla to coconut milk mixture, continue to stir for 1-2 min on low

• Remove saucepan from heat and set aside

• Pour coconut mixture into a blender device, scraping sides of pan to get everything out (Magic Bullet or Vitamix both work great). Add remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth (30-60 seconds)

• Set in serving dishes and chill overnight for best texture, minimum of 4 hours

• Optional – sprinkle with chopped toasted pecans and extra cinnamon

Enjoy! In health and love!

Image Credit: Scarlet Wells

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Scarlet Wells C.N.C. is a nutritional consultant and Health Counselor, as well as a freelance writer and a mother of two rambunctious boys, Kaleo and Quinn. Scarlet is the founder of Intuitive Wellness Inc and is a certified nutritionist specializing in women’s and children’s health and weight management. She has an extensive background in nutrition and preventative care including blood analysis. Check her out at www.intuitivewellnessinc.com and contact her for a FREE initial consult - scarlet@intuitivewellnessinc.com (808) 280-8046


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