paddle out Maui

Come “Paddle Out” for Climate Change Awareness as part of the Global Climate March on Sunday November 29th! This is part of a world-wide series of public demonstrations to show support for real action on climate change on the eve of the UN summit in Paris. This is our chance to show that our Maui community cares about this issue while drawing attention to the ways that climate change is already impacting and will continue to impact our oceans.

Calling on canoe clubs, water sports enthusiasts, environmental organizations, teachers, youth, and everyone in our community to come take part in this climate change rally…on the ocean! Bring your own canoes, kayaks, SUPs, surfboards and other non-motorized water vessels and paddle just off-shore to take-part in a aerial drone photo-shoot to be shared with the world as part of the #globalclimatemarch on social media.

Meet on Maʻalaea Bay at Sugar Beach along N Kihei Road just North of Maui Canoe Club by 9:30am to get organized for a group Paddle Out just off-shore. There will also be a group on the beach for those who prefer to stay out of the water. The footage and photos will be of the beach and just off-shore so you only have to be a in couple feet of water if you want. Please bring your own signs to carry out with you (see details below). Please note that this is an unsponsored, unofficial community gathering and participation is at your own risk.

There will be an educational display about climate change, its impacts and what you can do. After the Paddle Out, you can borrow a small white board to write your own personal message and take a photo by the ocean to share on social media as part of the global effort.

With Exxon Mobil being investigated for lying about climate change research and President Obama rejecting the Keystone Pipeline on climate change grounds, the global effort to change the tide on this issue is at an extremely crucial moment. The Maui community has often been missing from this movement and its time to change that!

What to bring:
1. Your own canoes, kayaks, SUPs, surfboards or other non-motorized water vessels.
2. A reusable water bottle
3. A sign with your message about action on climate change.
Good messages include calling on global leaders to take real action in Paris, calling for a move away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, messages related to protecting our oceans, and other specific or general climate change related messages. Please use cardboard or reusable white board signs instead of plastic or vinyl. We are not going far from shore and you should be able to keep your sign dry. There will also be extra signs spelling out some of the main ocean-related threats like “ocean acidification and “coral bleaching”.

Please use #globalclimatemarch and #paddleoutmaui to share on social media.


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