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I lead a group of women paddlers twice a week in Kihei. Our group is called Paddle It Out. I love this group of women. As we paddle, I am usually shouting out encouragements and reminders, “Where are you holding yourself from?” I ask most often. “Use your vagina!” I shout regularly.

I’ll never forget the day I realized how powerful a concept this was. I was in the coffee shop and someone was lifting something heavy, one of the girls that paddles with me piped up, “use your vagina!” I burst out in laughter at how absurd it sounded and how true it rang. In yoga it’s called engaging your mula bandha, in Pilates, your core, some call it your root chakra. Whatever you call it, it’s the place where life comes from, it is what stabilizes us, and energizes us. When strengthened, it is what keeps us upright on a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board.

Women are powerful, and no one understands that more intimately than mamas. Once you have first-hand experience of the power of your own vagina, you are a different person. When we get together to Paddle It Out we recognize that, celebrate it, and channel that power. When we connect that awareness of our own power with the greatness of the ocean, it transforms us. We have a damn fun time doing it too!

Image Credit: Jen Matthews Alexander

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