Hospital birth Maui birthing story

My pregnancy was easy. My confidence was high through out. I took not a single class and finally at 37 weeks wrote my birth plan; I was not to have any drugs or meds involved with my delivery.

At 41 weeks exactly, my contraction started every ten minutes. After three nights of being terribly uncomfortable, but constantly reminding myself that this is just as hard for her to go through as it was for me, my support team returned to the hospital where I had been sent back (false labor) from two days prior.

The ride to the hospital was anything but comfortable and included vomiting on the side of Hana highway. (What a memory). I reached the hospital at 4 cm dilated and received an epidural to ease my yelling and pain – so much for the birthing plan. (My labor pains had started in my stomach and were manageable, but at almost midnight the night before delivery, my labor pains shifted to my lower back. Which was excruciating!).

After my epidural I felt nothing. It wasn’t scary to not feel anything; it was relieving for me, to say the least.

By my next check up the doctors informed me that my contractions had slowed and pitocin would need to be given to help speed up the process. My Partner and I discussed the decision and again decided to say goodbye to the birthing plan, and decided to trust the doctor!

I fell asleep for a while, and when I woke up, they informed us that they were going to get the room ready because my cervix had opened up to 9 1/2 cm (10cm is the magic pushing number). As I began pushing, I imagined paddling through a surf heat, which lasted about an hour, and then with no complications what so ever my beautiful daughter came into this world.

Within an hour after giving birth I was showered and being transferred to my new room. I could not have been treated better or been more comfortable, which was a huge surprise considering the horror stories I had heard. Nobody’s experience is the same. I know I was lucky, but I also trusted the right people and had confidence in the moments of decision.

After we were released I told everyone that when my little girl learns to say, “thank you” we are going back to thank everyone from Kaiser and Maui memorial that helped. (Who would have thought a girl that graduated from Spa Luna could feel this way about a western approach).

Looking back state of mind had a lot to do with my birthing process. I was so excited to finally have her in our lives… I was excited my whole pregnancy. Labor was never something I was concerned about. It was something I knew I had to do and was very confident about it throughout my entire pregnancy. I could feel an incredible being in my soul, connected to me, and I couldn’t have been more right. My daughter, who was now in my arms, is something very special and I’m so blessed to have her in my life.

Image Credit: Andrea Kinney

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