Christina DeHoff inspired surrender

Our outer world can be a reflection of our inner world. What happens in our life is a reflection of our thoughts. Through moving through our powerful intention and navigating the physical plane, we begin to realize what powerful manifestors we truly are. We can CHOOSE to embrace our power, hold our claim to love openly, and expand our presence, and awaken our consciousness.

By choosing to feel more awake, more alive, we then align with truly fulfilling our purpose. It is that fire that lies inside of all of us to be large and fully present, and able to show the world what we are without holding anything back. With that fire, we show the presence of who we truly are to our fullest capacity.

People see and feel that inspirational energy around us and are naturally attracted to that energy. This creates a space of opportunities flowing to you effortlessly because the energy you carry and your expression of your divine self. You have a naturally creative attractive energy around you that emanates and can emanate far and wide.

No longer caring what the world thinks while passing the barrier of the uncomfortable space where one chooses to let go and move forth into greatness is part of the great divine life path. This uncomfortable space speaks of a deep great fear that if we let go of the old things whether it be a job, relationship, living space, etc., that there will be nothing in its place.

Going past the space of nothingness, aloneness by sitting inside of your fear and watching it fall away allows you to gain your emotional freedom back. By being able to view your emotions, you become subjective and see them as clouds passing you by. You are no longer triggered with reactions, but are now in control of your actions and empowered to be who you are meant to be.

Image Credit: Christina DeHoff

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