Orgasmic birth

There is a common belief among women that they must be screaming in pain while birthing their child unless they have taken drugs. This is actually not true whatsoever. There is a new way to go about having a child without the terrible pain most women have to go through. It is not common but it is a completely natural method for women to complete.

Why be in pain when you can have an ecstatic experience instead while birthing your child into the world?  I want all the women of this world to know that this can be a very beautiful time actually. The method I have been passed down for orgasmic birthing has been proven and been passed down from generations of master hypnotists.  Clinical hypnotherapy can actually assist a women to go deeply into a peaceful tranquil state.  When the baby is coming out, the woman is able to release her orgasmic energy because she has been mentally trained to do so.  This experience can be absolutely ecstatic and very connected to the universal energy during this time.  When the baby is born, it hasn’t experienced the trauma of their mothers pain while birthing or the drugs she was under.  The babies born whose parents that have been taken through the process of conscious parenting and orgasmic birth prior to children are typically happier and healthier children.

The process to start with conscious parenting consultations with hypnotherapy starts the first trimester.  The reason to start this early is because it is essential to start eliminating stress for the mother at a very early stage in the child’s development.  The conscious parenting process involves figuring out how the child will be raised, agreeing upon ethics, parenting tactic, finances, etc.  This alleviates stress from the process and allows there to be more support for the parents.  The new parents feel comfortable and can feel more at ease with the new child they are bringing into the world.

Orgasmic birthing is a very beautiful form of conscious birthing.  Many children still carry the trauma of their birth even into adulthood.  The baby is very connected to the experience especially so if their mother is in an orgasmic birthing process.  The mother has to prepare with the hypnosis process several times prior to the actual birth so that she is prepared and knows how to take herself to that ecstatic state.

Orgasmic birthing has been a practice for many years and acknowledged in public media but far not nearly enough.  It is a beautiful process that is truly revolutionizing childbirth.

Image Credit: Meredith Richmond

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