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Another year is coming to an end. 2015 saw many issues rise to the surface on Maui. I think one of the biggest ones affecting many families, is the affordable housing crises. Rental prices are barely attainable for the average income earning household and as was highlighted in the May-June issue discrimination against families with children has gone unchecked. I hope next year brings better solutions and support for families living, working and renting on the island.

2015 also saw a momentum in the Hawaiian Rights movement. It began this year with a torch march highlighted in the March-April issue and ended with thousands marching down Front Street in October for the Aloha ’Aina Unity March. I want to believe as more of us understand the past and the current political climate, we can move forward with respect and grace and try and right many of the misgivings.

It is not a coincidence that the Hawaiian movement has grown in voice and numbers since the SHAKA movement’s success in informing and bringing together the community to protect the ’aina and vote for a moratorium on GMO agrochemical practices until environmental impact assessments prove they are safe. One year later it is disappointing that our voices were not heard. On page 30 you can read what is happening in the legal courts after the Yes vote was ignored. While the articles on page 6 and 7, encourage us to take action into our own hands by being conscious consumers and to be inspired to enroll and conduct our own environmental impact testing. As mothers and women we can be empowered.

Christina DeHoff empowers women through her art (see the beautiful front cover and article on page 26). She will also be at the Made on Maui Festival this November with over 100 other small business owners, entrepreneurs and artists. Together we can support each other as a community. While on December 5th Haleakala Waldorf School will be hosting their Holiday Faire. This is a wonderful event for the whole family and is another chance to support the keiki and come together as community. There are many great events happening this holiday, and you can always check out to stay informed, sign up for the newsletter or follow The Mauimama on Facebook and Instagram.

I hope you have a great Winter Solstice/Christmas. Remember gifts don’t need to be material for it to be an amazing time of year. As mothers we work so hard to give our kids the best we can, this can also be what we give them in wisdom and compassion. If we can learn to trust and let go and be empowered and healthy ourselves, then this will be mirrored back in our keiki, which I think is the one of the greatest gifts we can give them!

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