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Part of being a mom not only involves taking the time to take care for your children, but also taking the time to take care of yourself. Here on Maui we have Om Maui Studio where you’ll find a variety of wellness services, catered for us moms, that will help us feel better, stronger and healthier. We all know how important it is to keep up our strength, stamina, flexibility, and rejuvenate the body with endorphins needed to embrace modern-day motherhood.

We are lucky that there are many different options with how we can keep ourselves healthy and happy at Om Maui:

Spinning: The intense cardio experience of spinning classes helps burn a large amount of calories and works the legs and core. Spinning is a low-impact, safe way to exercise, keeps blood pressure under control and can help improve memory and sleep.

Fitness: Strength, suspension and functional training classes help keep our body strong and build firm, toned muscles. These training methods all involve resistance exercise, which protects bone health and muscle mass.

Pilates: Core stabilization involves training the deepest muscles of the abdomen, spine and pelvis to support the trunk during movement and make the body more resilient to injury. Pregnancy and delivery weaken these muscles, making new mothers especially vulnerable to low back and pelvic pain. Reactivating and strengthening these muscles and reconnecting the abdominal walls with the pelvic floor should be a priority in the early stages of motherhood and integral for overall health of any female body. 

Yoga: Helps to correct muscular imbalances in the body, increase flexibility and joint strength and can relieve the aches and pains of being a busy mom. The relaxation and stress relieving qualities of yoga definitely allow you to respond calmly and rationally in challenging situations (e.g. with our kids).

Massage Therapy: Brings the body back to balance and provides a rejuvenating detox experience. Om Maui offers a range of massage services (including Prenatal Massage) to suit our individual’s needs and help provide an atmosphere of deep relaxation. Their specialty, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, combines the use of healing Ayruvedic herbs, traditional massage strokes and assisted yoga stretches to release tension and toxins from the body, making it the perfect way to de-stress and refresh yourself… yes please:)

Prenatal & Postpartum Wellness: Optimal fitness and health can be achieved, and maintained throughout the trimesters with a private or semi-private prenatal program focused on fitness, Pilates, Yoga, or ideally a combination. The stronger your body is throughout your pregnancy, the stronger it will be afterward, preparing you for your new lifestyle filled with new physical and emotional demands.

You can find OM Maui at 12 Kiopa’a Place, next to Longs Drugs and the Saturday Upcountry Farmers Market. Let’s take care of our entire being!

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