‘Nurturing the Wild’ Presents NEW out-door Play Group on Maui

Nurturing the Wild is offering a new out-door program for ages 4, 5, and 6!

This weekly outdoor-nature pre-school group will be held every Friday from now through May.  We will meet in the forest every week, rain or shine, and create deeper connections to ourselves, the land, and one another.   We will have a home-base fort, and days full of stories, song, fun, exploration and adventure!

Mentors Olivia Pollock and Kelley Janes will guide kids through a curriculum that includes:
– Circle time with song and stories.
– Nature awareness games and activities for kids.
– Sensory awareness development.
– Plant and animal awareness.
– Safety in the natural world.
– Interpersonal relating tools.

Using an educational philosophy called “Coyote Mentoring,” the mentors work with fun, hands-on and heart-based learning that encourages creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and deep connection.

Please contact Olivia for more information:  Olivia@nurturingthewild.org or call 802.688.9112

Nurturing the wild

Image Credit: nurturingthewild.org


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