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Squat exercises for moms-

Time is precious moms. Lengthy workouts or getting to the gym aren’t always realistic. But, splitting up exercise into shorter intervals and including your child is. Here are some great ways to multi task! Your child can be a great workout partner. Try these exercises throughout the day. Combine a few then come back later to finish or for another set. It gives you few minutes here and there to burn some calories, connect with your child, and even begin to teach them words, numbers, and letters. Variations are given for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Sing whatever variation of the song you know or remember. As with all exercise programs please consult with your doctor.

“Down Down Baby” Shimmy Squats for Lower Body

  1. Hold child tightly towards you with his/her legs wrapped around you and your arms around him/her.
  2. Stand with feet shoulder distance apart. Inhale and sit your hips back as if lowering into a chair.
  3. Exhale return to standing.

8 squats (Singing “Down Down Baby”)

Down, down (squat)

baby. (squat)

Down, down the (squat)

roller coaster (squat)

Sweet, sweet (squat)

baby. (squat)

I’ll never (squat)

Let you go. (squat)

Shimmy, shimmy (shake your hips)

Cocoa pop (make pop sound with mouth)

Shimmy, shimmy (shake your hips)

Wow! (lift child for added shoulder strength and FUN).

Baby Variation: Hold baby facing out and support head, no bounce and shimmy.

Preschooler Variation: Have child squat and shimmy with you.

Challenge – lift child overhead during “the wow” for intensity and giggles.

Gentler Option – wear baby, use a fi t ball behind your back against the wall, or bounce on a fi t ball… the motion may put active and alert babies right to sleep!

Alignment Tips

  • Protect your knees by making sure they are not going over your toes and by keeping them soft between repetitions (you can widen stance or open hips slightly for a plie squat to modify for comfort).
  •  Keep chest lifted without arching your lower back (show off a sparkly necklace).
  • Support your back by engaging your core (imagine zipping up a tight pair of pants).

Image Credit: Little Love Photography

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