Mauimama issue 55 editorial

Women hold so much power within our bellies, within our hands and within our hearts. As mothers we guide the next generation and as leaders we make decisions that will shape and support our communities. Things are not always equal. Women have a lot of catching up to do in this patriarchal society, but we are finding our voice and gaining ground. Disparities in pay (see page 29) need to be resolved to help women get on a financially level playing field. Women and families are the fastest growing segment of our homeless population. With the Maui housing crises, finding partnerships and solutions (see page 7) will help women, especially single mothers who are a demographic affected the most (see page 6).

With the November elections around the corner we have a chance for our voice to be heard and represented. There are many strong candidates running, especially female candidates, to represent and lead our island (see page 26, 27 and 30). Manawahinas, wise kapunas are stepping up asking for a chance to stand at the helm and guide. It is time to imua. It will benefit us all to have leaders that can work together to find creative solutions for our community’s issues. To challenge each other without distaste, to respect each other’s different approaches and to stay focused on the end goal, to guide Maui County towards a future where all its residents thrive.

Connection, communication, trust and respect are all great foundations of any decision-making process or relationship. Creating healthy bonds (see page 20) with our children and within ourselves (see page 4) can affect our households and community for generations. How we teach our children (see page 23) and the core values we instill will ripple through lifetimes.

A simple truth to being a successful parent/leader is show, don’t tell. Lead by example. For example, where we take our children to eat (see page 10) and what we eat ourselves can affect our children’s food decisions for a lifetime and beyond. Practicing healthy habits becomes habit forming, not only for you but for your children and their children, as the cycle of parenting continues. Children emulate, remember that we are their greatest models.

Any hoo, I hope you find this issue helpful. The Mauimama is now coming into her eighth year. For readers who have been with me from the beginning, our children are getting older, new situations are arising, but the solutions are always the same. I believed back then, and still do now, they can be found through conscious parenting and conscious leadership.

Shakti, thank you so much, we will miss you. x

Image Credit: Razi Wilson

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