Mauimama front cover 44

August was Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Thank you Lilaenya Auset Tehuti for letting me use your photograph for the front cover and Ivette Ivens for taking such a great image. It is still strange to me that breastfeeding is considered taboo to some. We need to normalize breastfeeding. I am very grateful for Mary Jane Bennett our La Leche league International (LLLI) Maui leader who celebrated “Breastfeeding – A key to Sustainable Development” (the theme for August 2016), with an amazing group of Maui mamas, volunteers, donors and supporters. See picture below, taken by long time LLLI volunteer June K Harper (Pixiebug Studio) last month. Mahalo to you all!

La Leche League Hawaii

This October is LLLI 60th anniversary. All Expectant Mommies and any woman who supports and encourages breastfeeding are welcome to their monthly meetings, which are every fourth Thursday, 9:30am ’til 11am in Central Maui. Contact Mary Jane Bennett by text or call for details at 283-7139 if you want to join in the celebrations or are looking for support.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence thrives when we are silent. Domestic Violence should never be accepted as ‘part of the culture’. We are all encouraged to wear purple on October 20th to show our community that it is important to end abuse of any kind!

We are also encouraged to register to vote by October 10th. Breastfeeding may be a key to sustainable development, but so is voting certain Maui leaders in! Page seven has the Mauimama picks for who we think will give us the brightest, most sustainable Maui future. These elections are an amazing chance for a real change towards a sustainable Maui. With critical decisions being made in the next 2-4 years, these elections will affect forever the Maui our children and grandchildren will inherit. For real. This election counts BIG TIME!

Mahalo, I hope you get what you need from this 44th issue. By honoring ourselves and supporting each other we can surely only move onward and upward! Happy 5th B-day Mauimama!

And have a fun filled Halloween!

Image Credit: June K Harper

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