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Last month I flew to Oahu to see lawyers stand up in front of three 9th circuit court judges to appeal the case as to why the counties of Kauai, Hawaii and Maui have the legal right to decide how county lands are used, regulated and treated. As I looked around the courtroom I saw mothers lining the seats from different corners of our island chain, mothers who have stepped up and voiced their concern over the rise of restricted use chemicals in agro-chemical seed experiments and the impact it is having on our children, newborns, oceans and soil. A mother by the name of Erin Brockovich, yes, the Erin Brockovich, someone well versed in defending the health and rights of people by standing up against big corporations even wrote a great piece on Facebook about the court case and our plight.

Sitting there listening to the lawyers and judges questions it couldn’t be more clear that who we elect in office at the county and state level really does makes a HUGE difference. That if we vote people in who prioritize respect of the land and people, rather than people who are the mouth pieces for the unions and corporations that fund their campaigns, we have a real good chance to change the status quo. We can have leaders who prioritize preserving our islands for future generations rather than exploiting them for financial gain.

There’s no need for blame or shame, but there is no time like the present to realize we are at a tipping point here on Maui (see article on page 30) and to realize that if enough people vote in August and November we can make a difference for our children and their children’s future here on Maui.

Inspired by this impetus for change this July-August issue is a collection of submittals that reflect this summer blossoming, this notion that we can take the power back. To change ourselves, our relationships, our health, and our community if we open our hearts and minds to the possibility.

First and foremost I believe we must know that we are enough, that we are worthy and deserving (see article on page 4). We must know that we are strong and have the ability to strengthen (see article on page 12). That we can use wisdom handed down from thousands of years (see articles on page 8,10 and 20) and know that only when we dig deep to find the root cause (see article on page 24) can we truly move forward.

Once we make the choice to make positive changes, starting within ourselves, it will be reflected on the world around us and maybe more importantly will be mirrored  by our children… or at least we can hope;)

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