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In April of 2007 we found out that we were expecting. It was a bit shocking and nerve racking, at the same time, since we had a 3 month old baby!

We weighed our options of a home birth and hospital birth, since I was not very happy with the hospital when having my son in January. We decided to talk with Tina Garzero, the midwife. After meeting with her, I thought that was the option for me. A home birth with Tina sounded magical.

We met with her a couple of times and kept moving forward. As my due date approached and I watched emergency home birth videos, just in case I was to give birth before Tina could make it there, I got scared and Tina and I both decided that maybe the hospital was a better option for me to feel safe and secure about the birth.

That was “my” plan. Have a regular hospital birth again.  The day arrived, January 31st, and I started to get contractions. I woke my husband up at 3am and told him that I they had started and he replied that we should leave. I told him that we had a lot of time since my contractions were only seven to eight minutes apart. At 5am they started to get to six minutes apart, so I woke my husband again. This time I told him that we can start getting ready to go down since we had to wake our three children and drop them off at my mother’s house in town.

We gathered what we needed and started to get the kids in the car. We had just left our driveway and turned onto Ulumalu Road. I had one really strong contraction. As soon as that contraction finished I felt the baby coming down. I started to take off my pants and my husband, in shock said, “What are you doing?” I told him the baby was coming and he kept telling me, “No, we are not at the hospital yet!” We were now driving on Hana Hwy towards Haiku Community Center, and it was one of those days when it’s raining so hard that the windshield wipers cannot keep up. I tell him, “I am serious, this baby is coming now!”

He picks up the phone and calls Tina to ask what we should do. She tells us to turn around and come to her house because we will not make it to the hospital and she lived really close by. We turned around at Haiku Road and before he can turn into Tina’s road the baby is in my hands!

I am calm and collected and I wrap the baby in a jacket that we have and suck out what I need to from his mouth.  At this point I have a husband that is freaking out and losing his mind, and a nine and thirteen year-old in the back seat in shock.  Mind you, I had only been to Tina’s one time in the daylight because she came to my house for pre-natals. As many of you know, Tina’s house was on a side street on the dirt road and for the life of me, or should I say my freaking out husband, I am not sure exactly where to turn. We find it, finally, before he has a heart attack. 

Tina comes out and meets us at the car. She takes us upstairs, with baby in my arms and still attached, and cleans him up and does her routine with us. A couple of hours later we return home. Everyone is flabbergasted, but so happy. Baby and I relax until the next morning, when baby would see his pediatrician, with no poking or prodding by nurses and doctors. It was the best experience to relax in our own home.

So one year later, when we had our other son, we decided that this would definitely be a home birth with Tina. This time we were at home and I told my husband I thought it was time to call Tina even though I had no contractions at all. I felt something was happening. I waited in a warm bath and sure enough, my son came with no contractions and still in his water bag as Tina pulled into my driveway!

That morning I remember Tina looking at me and saying, “You were born to do this. You were born to be a mother!”

Image Credit: Mandy Kukahiko Nolan

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